Getting Justice at Kendrapara town police station has become a far cry for the victims

Rajesh Kumar Behera in Kendrapara, Orissa

If you are in trouble and seek urgent police help, then it is sure that you are going to be deprived to get justice from Kendrapara town police. Here, the victims, who come for getting justice, allegedly forced by the khaki clad personnel to compromise the case with the assailants. If an accused belongs from a political party or a distance relative of the police then the victimized person would forget that he is going to get justice at any cost. As most of the khaki clad police personnel dancing with the tune of political people either suppress the cases by denying the victim to get justice or force the victims to compromise with the assailants by not registering a case .Even ,several times it has been seen that if a victimized person has visited the town police station for justice in order to lodge an FIR , then he was detained with the accused in the police station .The reason behind such act of police is only to take bribe from both the sides by forcing them to compromise the case instead of providing justice to the victim. Though the senior officials were aware about the fact, but they are not taking any step. If a victim person dares to file an FIR at Kendrapara town police station, then he would definitely greet in the police station with the misbehaviour of unscrupulous rowdy police officers .Later, the constables of the said town police station will come and demand money by asking the victim person that their senior officer demand money to register FIR in the police station.Later, the khaki clad personnel allegedly ask to provide money for going to the spot in order to conduct inquiry and to nab the accused. In last four days two innocent persons of Manakarpur were victimized in the hand of a sub Inspector of Kendrapara town police as the said sub Inspector allegedly by supporting the mischief mongers forced to compromise with the mischief mongers . On Tuesday, one Asanti Behera, the widow of Batakrushna Behera, of Manakarpur allegedly lodged an FIR against three fellow villagers at Kendrapara Town police station following they allegedly assaulted her son and forcibly driven her out of the house. Later, the trio villagers allegedly made an attempt to stripped her . As a result, she went to Kendrapara town police station and lodged an FIR against the trio fellow villagers in order to get justice. But ironically, the sub Inspector of Kendrapara town police station, who was in-charge of Kendrapara town police station, allegedly detained her son along with the three accuseds after dancing with the tune of a local politician.The said SI allegedly forced the victim widow’s son to compromise the case with the accuseds by threatening her son to put behind the bar in the counter case which was filed by the accused persons. As a result, the victim’s son was compelled to compromise with the accused persons, stated Asanti Behera, the widow victim. Allegation pouring against the said SI of police that he was allegedly taking bribes from the accused persons and used to force the victim to compromise the case else he threatened to put behind the bars to the innocent victims . Police inaction to nab the accused ones has encouraged the criminals to commit crime and crime graph has increased in recent times. While there was not a single licensed shops of Ganja and opium in the district ,but more than dozen of drug peddlers have been selling the narcotic substances openly in the district under the very nose of the police department . Police are not arresting them as locals alleged that the drug peddlers have been giving monthly bribes to some of the police officials ,who are helping them to sell ganja and opium openly in the township area .The poor people have failed to get justice from the law enforcing machine. It is a tip of an iceberg,there are several instances, where the police have put the innocent persons behind the bar and left the accuseds to roam free in the area by remaining hand in glove with the ruling party leaders , alleged locals.

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